The general objective of the Planters’ Association is to promote, foster and protect the plantation industry of Sri Lanka and the interests of the planting community, members of the Association and others having dealings with the Association so far as concerns their activities as members of the planting community.

The Planters' Association of Ceylon [PA], is one of the oldest existing organisations from Sri Lanka's colonial past and remains the apex representative body of Sri Lanka's plantation industry.
The industry remains one of the country’s largest foreign exchange earners and represents Sri Lanka's main plantation crop, tea, marketed internationally under the 'Pure Ceylon Tea' trade mark. The industry also represents other plantation crops such as rubber, coconut, spices and palm oil.
To date, Sri Lanka's plantation industry is also the country's single biggest employer providing direct livelihoods to nearly 200,000 people in Regional Plantation Company[RPC] estates alone, excluding employment generated within the majority small holding sector. The industry supports a total resident plantation population of close to one million people, living in RPC estates, through the provision of housing and other essential facilities.